Everyday People: Boruan Renagi

Boruan Renagi is a Port Moresby-based videographer, who owns a small videography business called 22nd Films.

Boruan attended Port Moresby Christian Academy, Carr Memorial Seventh Day Adventist School, Saint Charles Lwanga and the University of Papua New Guinea (Bachelor of Science, Physics).

However, he wasn’t able to complete his second-year into studies at the university due to personal reasons.

Apart from his passion in creating video contents, Boruan loves playing the guitar and does it during his free time and after a long day of filming. He also engages in photography, passion projects and DIY projects.

I am fond of cinematography or anything movie-like. Hence, why I incorporate a little or if not a lot to every video I film. It's a style in filmmaking I have fallen into and would love to continue doing.

Everything I learnt (lighting, composition and sound design) came from me watching YouTube videos and from other content creators, who have been in the industry longer than I have.

In 2019 (when I was still doing my grade 11) during every school event I would see students bring along their cameras. That made me want to own one as well, but at the time I didn't have a proper professional camera. All I had was my phone, so occasionally I would take short videos, edit them on my phone and post them on Instagram.

“Then I heard about a guy named, Jerry Albaniel. Seeing his work also inspired me to do videos. I started doing this as hobby in 2019 and now professionally in 2022. Thankfully, the work that I do has helped me in so many ways.”

Through his new hobby, Boruan is able to get the equipment he needs, making new connections, gaining invaluable knowledge, etc. Being able to show others what he visualizes and seeing positive feedbacks, motivates him to do more.”

Boruan faced a dilemma in 2021, when he had to make a decision in pursuing his passion for videography or to continue second year in university.

It took him a week to think about it, he finally made the decision to follow his passion and make it a full-time job and hasn’t looked back since.

Another challenge he faced is being creative. “I'd sometimes come up with an idea and then doubt myself again if it's good enough or if it's worth the time to film and edit, but I manage to pull through, improve, and learn from my mistakes.

One of Boruan’s greatest accomplishment was working alongside, Jerry Albaniel. He said it was unexpected and last minute, but he could not say no to working with one of the best in the business. Boruan was fortunate enough to film social media ads for Flame PNG, Skel Rice and a television commercial for Flame Oil.

“I have many things to accomplish, but it would be a dream come to true to work with major local and international brands to create amazing content—not just visually stunning but with an amazing storyline as well, content that will resonate with others.

“It could be for social media or television. I am thankful to those who have believed in me and in the work that I do. I wouldn't be here without their support, and the path that I'm on right now is all because of the amazing God above!”

Jasmine Iru