Everyday People : Agnes Lam

My name is Agnes Lam. I am from Mount Hagen. I sell Peanuts at Boroko Market. I am married with 6 children.

I live at Tete in Gerehu but I come to Boroko and do my marketing. 

The peanut I am selling comes all the way from Mt Hagen. I get my relatives up in Hagen to buy them from the locals there and transport it to Lae. From the Lae Port, the bags of peanut are then shipped down to NapaNapa, Port Moresby.
One stock feed sized bag roughly cost me about K300 when its peanut season. When its not peanut season, a bag cost about K380 - K480. 

Despite this, I earn at least K300 to K400 a week. 

Living in the City is very hard now a days. In order to make ends meet every day, one must struggle and put every effort that they can. Whether its selling buai and smoke, garden food or any thing that can generate little income. This is the only way one can survive in a city like Port Moresby.
One can’t be lazy and expect free handout. You have to have a goal and keep working toward that goal. Even if it mean sacrificing your time. Being a Peanut Vendor has greatly helped my family and I a lot.  And I am proud to be a Peanut Vendor. 

Ailynn Sokot