Everyday People: 2022 Miss Hiri Hanenamo - Guba Aileen Hitolo

Twenty-three year-old Guba Aileen Hitolo is the current 2022 Miss Hiri-Hanenamo.

Hitolo who has a friendly and courageous personality began her journey in the Hanenamo quest contesting as Miss Elevala and was presented as 1st runner-up. 

“To be a Hiri Hanenamo was a dream as a child. I use to watch the event and as kids reenact the Hiri Hanenamo quest, not knowing that I would actually get this opportunity to make my dream come true. 

There are a lot of benefits in joining because you get to have education scholarships etc. People always ask why I am stepping in for the actual Miss Hanenamo, but I just embrace the opportunity and I aim to be positive about it”. 

Hitolo’s parents are retired pastors for the United Church Southern Region. 

“I have a blended family so I have eight half siblings’ two sisters and four brothers. My childhood was great, I spent most of my time outside because of their mission as pastors so I grew up outside not in the village”. 

Hitolo attended her early childhood education at St Michaels Primary School in 2006, in 2007 I she did Prep at Hagara Elementary school. 

Her parents then got their posting to pastor at Fishermen Island and had to be transferred to Daugo Primary School to complete 1-3 grades. After their pastoral term ended, she was re-enrolled at Hagara PS to complete grades 4-8.

In 2016, she passed to Badihagwa Secondary school. In 2020, she was selected to go to Port Moresby Business College where she received her Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality in 2021. 

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