Empowering rural women

Emma Wakpi, owner of Jiwaka Coffee Limited in Papua New Guinea's Jiwaka Province, is making an impact on her community by leveraging the coffee industry.

Her company operates as a social enterprise, with a focus on a "profit for a purpose" ethos.

Collaborating with over 900 farmers from 11 villages in Jiwaka and the Western Highlands, Emma's approach is holistic, seeking to improve the livelihoods of her people.

Jiwaka Coffee Limited plays a crucial role in the economic landscape, supplying Papua New Guinea's specialty coffee to exclusive global markets. Emma's commitment goes beyond mere business success; she reinvests in the communities where the coffee is sourced.

This involves paying ethical prices to farmers and providing training in various areas such as quality coffee processing, public health, and economic and social development.

Emma's work is particularly celebrated on the International Day of Rural Women, recognizing her as a symbol of empowerment and progress. The PHAMAPlusProgram, in collaboration with the PNG Women in Coffee Association (WICA), supports Emma's innovative initiatives.

Australia, in its partnership with Papua New Guinea, takes pride in endorsing Emma's mission to bring PNG's specialty coffee to the global stage. This not only promotes the unique coffee of the region but also contributes to the enhancement of rural livelihoods.

In essence, Emma Wakpi's work exemplifies the positive impact that socially conscious entrepreneurship can have on rural communities, showcasing a model of sustainable development. 

Loop Author