Zombies and Roman army to invade POM

Papua New Guinea is about to be “invaded” by ancient Roman soldiers and modern-day Zombies. The invasion will see grown men in Roman tunics throwing spears and interacting with the local ladies.

Meanwhile, audiences will be getting skills training in killing would-be zombies.

The invasion starts on Thursday June 1 at 7:30pm when two 1-act plays are performed by the Moresby Arts Theatre (MAT). The two plays, ‘When the Buai Falls’ and ‘Zombie Attack’ are short comedies guaranteed to get audiences laughing.

MAT Vice-President, Bob Stanley, describes the two plays as farces infused with a dash of Monty Python’s odd-ball humour. ‘When the Buai Falls’ is a romantic comedy that is more laughable than loveable. ‘Zombie Attack’ is an absurdist mock seminar on how to prepare for when the Zombie apocalypse occurs – which is, of course, very useful information to have. “Both are Pythonesque, satirical and really just plain silly plays performed by a very talented group of MAT actors. You’d have to be stone-cold dead  - or un-dead -  to sit through these plays without having a good laugh” Stanley says.

Tickets are available from MAT, Boroko Food World and Waterfront and on-line at ‘Ticket Buddy’. Prices for MAT shows are now cheaper, with entry only costing K30 for adults and K10 for children. Show dates are June 1- 2 -3 and June 8 -9 – 10 with a matinee on Saturday 10 June at 1pm.

Further information: Greg Clough publicitymanager@moresbyartstheatre.org ph. 7135 8724


PIcture: Maximus (right, Jeremy Watson) gives a sharp tip to Dickus (Andy Meyers) in “When the Buai Falls”.

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