Yu Em Khax magician aims to pioneer PNG’s magic industry

The reaction of the audience during the Yu Em Khax grand-final was a give-away – Jack Spade knew he would be one of the three winners.

And when announced as the first runner-up, it was not the K10,000 price money that made him smile but the idea that he already had an audience in place.

“I did not start off with Yu Em Khax for the money in the beginning. Rather, I saw it as the platform I was waiting for. I’ve been climbing step by step in my career and Yu Em Khax came along when I was looking for a way to advertise my skill to a bigger audience,” he said.

The win is a complementary success in his path and Jack Spade is taking the next step in his career.

“I am now in the process of building my talent into a business opportunity. Over the next months, I aim to register my business or affiliate with some company and start my own show going forward. We don’t have a magic industry in PNG so if I am seen as a pioneer, it will be a privilege for me,” he furthered.

“My talent has been well exposed by now and Port Moresby has a big market so I tend to stay on in Port Moresby and make a living with my talent,” the magician from Oro added.

He is urging other Yu Em Khax constants to pursue something bigger with their respective talents.

“Every talent is unique so continue on with it and go on to the next level in your life. If you see there’s no industry for you here, get in touch with me and we can work together,” he even offered.

 Thanking his fans and family for continuous support, he confirmed that he has more to bring.

Follow Jack Spade’s journey on his official Facebook page: JACK SPADE Mystic 27

Gloria Bauai