Yu Em Khax enters semis

Digicel Play’s Yu Em Khax show has confirmed a total of 18 contestants entering into the semi-finals.

Show producer Ailynn Sokot says there will be two semi-finals.

The first to go on air this Saturday, January 14, on TVWAN Life Channel will feature 9 contestants. The other 9 will be featured in the second semi-finals, a week after.

Sokot says the same judge panel will be judging but this time, according to head judge Calextus Simeon, the judging will be a lot tougher.

“The judges would like to see the contestants elevate each performance in the semi-finals. We heard from the contestants that there will be a few surprises,” he said.

Four contestants who flew into Port Moresby yesterday for the semi-finals are: Thiel Eron from Kokopo, Ian Korop & Samuel Samson from Mt. Hagen & Jack Spade from Lae.

The show will be broadcasted at the usual time at 7pm – TVWAN Life Channel.   

Gloria Bauai