World Supermodel contestants return home

​There is a first for everything.

World Supermodel PNG made its debut entry into the international pageant this year.

Representing World Supermodel PNG franchise for the first time also, National Director Philma Kelegai, accompanying models Sheilla Yama and Glendah Sanadah, set foot on the international platform. And with that, PNG’s modelling industry made its appearance on a global stage.

It is a step where the industry will look back to, years from now.

The team of three returned to PNG yesterday, May 30, after a week in Macau, China, for the 10th production of World Supermodel.

Loop PNG had a brief chat with the national director:

“As a first timer – we had wonderful girls – they had so much humility, grace, they are great girls.

“They performed to the best of their ability – they went above and beyond… they followed instructions well and had quite an experience – getting to know new people and ideas.

“I spoke to many other organisers who said the girls were very well mannered.

“Sheila is a nurse so when some of the contestants were sick, she provided care. Glenda was the youngest in the competition but she went out there with so much confidence. And I’m just really proud them.”

In general, Kelegai says the whole experience has been an eye-opener.

“It showed us what we can do, how we can improve the industry, how we can help young women, how we can actually contribute towards the economy and industry.

“Such an amazing experience seeing these girls so proud of their own culture and representing it so well.

“I’m so glad the girls enjoyed it as well.”

Official Result from 10th World Supermodel Production Crowning Ceremony, May 27:

  • World Teen Supermodel 2017 and Overall Winner - World Teen Supermodel Mongolia - Alongoo Tungalagtamir
  • World Supermodel 2017 - World Supermodel South Africa - Belinde Schreuder
Gloria Bauai