Women called to carve a career path in music

A panel discussion on Thursday 21st of September at the Pacific Break launch led to a call for more women in PNG to consider music as a career path to take.

Sitting on the panel last night was winner for Pacific Break 2022, Danielle Morgan, Journalist and Producer, Tania Bale and Australian hip hop musician and ABC radio host, Hau Latukefu.

The panelists spoke about the importance of having more women in the music industry as not many are reaching further enough to making name for themselves. Prominent TV presenter, Journalist and producer Tania Bale, shared that there were not many PNG female artists in the country and does not have that depth.

“Collaborate with your sisters, collaborate with your female friends, support women in music. I really think it’s extremely important”, said Bale.

PNG Singer, songwriter and the winner for last year’s Pacific Break, Danielle Morgan, emphasized that female artists have so much potential however need to be exposed.

“There are more female artists and musicians coming out and it’s great to see a lot of the younger females come out and they have so much confidence and such amazing qualities to their voices and talent. This is not just for music it includes the creative industry. It’s really refreshing that there are girls coming out and there is a lot of support”, stated Danielle.

She acknowledged supportive male music artists and applauded her band who are all male for their helping hand to making it to where she is now.

Danielle’s journey was showcased and she performed songs from her upcoming album called ‘Cross-over’ which will be out next year.

Also, on stage was Ngaiire a Papua New Guinea-born Australian-based R&B and future soul singer-songwriter.

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