Upcoming young composers

Two young men from East New Britain Province have stood out over the twenty days of activism in the country.

Wilson JayBee Pulu and Nigel Tadu-One Bung are cousins who have been singing since they were very young.

The duo was approached by the Sanap Wantaim Youth to compose the theme song for the campaign.

Taking up the challenge, both combined their skills to come up with two songs, Youth Building Peace and Sanap Wantaim.

The two were engaged over the course of the period to perform these songs.

Proving to be PNG’s next up-and-coming artists with a positive purpose, the cousins have been putting up a good show.

Going by the name Tadu and Jay, their perfect blended raw melody has shown that each individual can use their gift and talent to push the message of upholding human rights.

“With every passing second, every drop of falling grain, I realise I’m lucky to be PNG” goes the lyrics of their first song.

The cousins expressed gratitude for being part of such a movement.

“We want other youths to accept the message to put a stop to all these social issues,” they said.

Their wish also is for government to encourage youth creativity, especially in music.

The duo is working towards establishing an actual band.

In the meantime, their songs for the campaign will be recorded and released onto the airwaves.

A video shoot is also in progress.

Gloria Bauai