Start thinking Central Province: Agarobe

All of us need to start thinking Central Province and not Kairuku, Goilala, Hiri, Abau or Rigo on its own.

This was the message from Governor for Central Province, Robert Agarobe, during yesterday’s Central Provincial Day at the Sir John Guise stadium.

Since the concept of hosting provincial days was adopted in 2012, the Central Province Students Association of UPNG has always been in the frontline in getting the event organised for their province.

Governor Agarobe thanked the students’ association and welcomed everyone that attended.

“Your presence is a motivating factor and an inspiration to our children, reaffirming that education is crucial to their development as a person,” he said.

Issac Gamoga, a third year law student and president of the students’ association, said: “During Central days we try to reflect on our cultures because Port Moresby is a city filled with western influences and different cultures from all over PNG.

“We are hoping to preserve our culture through hosting Central Provincial days every year.”

Hundreds turned up to taste traditional dishes and watch cultural dances that were displayed in full colours from Hiritano to Magi.

Master of ceremony and comedian Elton Kili kept the attendees entertained, not forgetting the live band performances by talented musicians like Jessie Joe and Martin Rawali, together with his Azzimba Band that drove the crowd into a frenzy when songs such as Frooks was sung.



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