Sir Elton John's best movie moments

The much talked-about Sir Elton John biopic, Rocketman, is released in the UK this week following its glitzy unveiling at the Cannes Film Festival.

The movie, directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Taron Egerton chronicles the colourful career of the musician; from his early life as Reginald Kenneth Dwight to becoming the knight of the rock 'n' roll realm we know today.

Speaking at the Cannes press conference, actor Bryce Dallas Howard said it was "incredibly surreal to hear Elton crying a few seats away" at the premiere. After the screening the rock star put on a surprise gig at a beach-side gala party, where he performed the film's title track alongside Egerton once again.

"It was one of the best days of my life," said the star, beginning to publicly blub for the second time in under 24 hours.

Sir Elton has been no stranger to the silver screen himself down the years, so let's take a quick look back at some of his most memorable celluloid moments.

Having played himself in the 1972 concert film, Born to Boogie - alongside Marc Bolan and Ringo Starr - Sir Elton first showed his credentials as a character actor a few years later in The Who's film, Tommy.

He played the role of the Pinball Wizard - dressed in seven foot high boots - in the movie adaptation of the band's 1969 rock opera.

After years of being the champ, Elton's man had to hand over his pinball crown to the title star; "that deaf, dumb and blind kid," played by frontman Roger Daltry.