Rebel Musik to raise awareness on West Papua struggle

It’s all about using your talent to spread a message, says Richard Mogu, an artist from the Central Province of PNG.

Mogu, is part of the Rebel Musik collaboration taking the stage of XO state in Melbourne, next Friday, February 24.

Rebel Musik, he says, will raise awareness on the struggle of West Papua and other ignored issues.

Put together as an initiative of Aireleke – a musician and recognised activist for West Papua, the group of talented musicians from PNG and West Papua will voice the concern on the musical stage.

 “Music is an art form but should not be taken for the aesthetics of it only – the beauty of art as an organised sound.

“I believe we can use music as a tool to raise awareness and reach a wider and greater audience far more quickly.

“I personally do gospel music but in this case, we are raising the message of the silent majority.

“I look forward to the performance, particularly, what it will stir – will it get people up and dancing? Will it make authorities stop and ask what we’re singing about?” he said.

Mogu will be part of the backing band and will also appear as an artist to perform at least two songs.

“It’s been a while performing overseas so I’m excited for this,” he added.

Mogu leaves today for Melbourne.

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