Rare ‘Rukruk’ dance performed

Invited guests and spectators of Day 2 of the New Ireland Provincial Day were honoured to witness the performance of a sacred dance known as "Rukruk" by women from Ngavalus Village.

The dance is only performed for chiefs during very rare, special occasions.

The dancers were in an enclosed makeshift shelter.

After pulling down the walls of the coconut fronds-shelter, women in their traditional attire, wearing masks and depicting a bird unique to the province, were seen standing on a platform.

The women performed the sacred dance to the awestruck spectators.

The dance was performed to re-emphasize the province’s richness in culture and tradition and importantly, to signify how important the occasion meant to them.

Traditional singsing and dances, including other cultural performances, were displayed to observe the day.

Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu officially closed day 2 of the celebrations, marking an end to the 2018 New Ireland Provincial Day.

Carolyn Ure