Nuigini Native designer all for fashion shows

Wandid Amini Korimbo owes it to fashion runways because that’s where she got her exposure.

Her interest in designing started since her primary school days.

She was geared more to her love for clothes and colors.

In 2016, she tried out the Stella runway – first ever runway she showcased her designs on.

“I was actually shocked when Jacks of PNG approached me because it was only my first time,” she said.

She has launched her brand Niugini Native at the outlet in Port Moresby.

Prior to that, Korimbo had been designing as well for Glow Boutique and her corporate clients.

Jack’s however, provides fully made products for a whole range exclusively.

The affiliation with Jack’s is her big leap in the fashion industry and Korimbo thinks PNG needs more fashion shows.

“I believe that we have raw talent out there. We should try and reach out to them even in settlement areas because I believe these people have more time in terms of intellectually thinking about what to produce. I believe that true fashion sense is out there in those areas and if we do try to provide an opportunity for them, I’m sure we can get a lot more.

“And that’s the thing that we lack and we’re not helping them, we’re not going out and reaching them,” she said.

Korimbo is all for fashion shows.

“It’s because of Stella that I’m here, so I support Stella, and also other runways as well. I encourage others to promote more on this so we can get other designs out for PNG.”

Korimbo hopes to one day make this platform available and accessible to everyone.

Gloria Bauai