Ngaiire will draw her third album from PNG

​Sydney based singer Ngaiire will be visiting Papua New Guinea more often this year, to do research for her third album.

She is currently in the country for one of such trips.

She says her aim is to base her third album on her place of origin.

“A lot of people following my journey over the last couple of years have been waiting for me to return home and create something that draws from my background.

“So I want this to be the album that draws from the PNG ecstatics and promoting more of the things that make PNG beautiful and the positive things about it,” she said.

She will be returning to Australia after a two week tour of the country.

“We’ve been touring Kavieng, Rabaul, Goroka. PNG is so small but so vast and it was impossible for us to get everything.

“But it’s just a start of us coming back here, and definitely over the next couple of months, we’ll think of doing other things like meeting the community,” she said.

Lamentations is Ngaiire's debut album, and was released in 2013, Blastoma is Ngaiire's second album, and was released in June 2016.

“A lot of things have changed. A lot has progressed for me musically and the industry back in Australia,” she said.

But she has had to overcome many challenges including, volcanoes and cancer to currently, being one of Australia’s favourite voices.

“I was brought up by a single mother and that in itself was inspiring for me. And it just comes down to education and educating yourself with making sure that you’re aware of how much you value yourself and be able to educate the people around you.”



Gloria Bauai