Ngaiire looks at more music in Tokpisin

Papua New Guinea-born and Australian-based R&B singer-songwriter, Ngaiire is in the country as a judge on the Pacific Break competition.

She will also be performing alongside PNG artist Danielle at the Lamana Gold Club tonight. She has an aim to come back to Papua New Guinea, see family and incorporate that experience into her music.

Ngaiire will be on the judging panel on the Pacific Break competition, joining DJ Hau Latukefu, Sose Fuamoli, and Rick Howe.

“My whole thing now is to bring back the opportunities that I have had back into home soil and back into the region so that we can start bringing up more of the next generation,” Ngaiire said. “So, I’m working on a couple albums now one of them is going to incorporate more Tok Pisin into the stuff that I’m doing. And draw inspiration on it from PNG specifically, so many areas in PNG that are still untapped.”

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