New documentary marking EU-PNG partnership

The over 40 years of partnership between the European Union and Papua New Guinea has been infused with unforgettable memories and events.

To mark this significant milestone, a documentary titled “EU-PNG, 40 Years of Partnership”, will premiere in Port Moresby on the 25th of June.

The European Union-PNG partnership started in 1977, shortly after PNG’s independence.

EU Ambassador, Ioannis Giogkarakis-Argyropoulos, says what PNG and the EU have achieved together over this period has been truly remarkable, especially considering the distance that separates us physically.

The year 2017 was when the 40-year milestone was reached. And to mark this momentous partnership, a documentary was produced by EMTEK Media and directed by Marco Venditti, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and travel photographer.

The EU Ambassador said he felt that a film would be perhaps the best way to tell this fascinating story; a story of how good cooperation keeps pushing the limits of what can be achieved.

“It was very challenging but it was also motivating. It was evident that we have a lot of stories to tell,” said the EU Ambassador.

“And I will say it is very unfortunate one hour of course cannot be enough to cover 40 years of history. Also because the first 10-20 years are really long past, and we didn’t have a lot of evidence or a lot of things to present other than the memories of the people.”

The premiere screening of the documentary will be on the 25th of June at the Lamana Hotel in Port Moresby.

Access to the premiere screening will be by invitation only. However, future screenings will be open to the general public.

(Ambassador Ioannis Giogkarakis-Argyropoulos)

Carmella Gware