Musicians need an association: Chief censor

There should be an association for musicians, says Chief Censor Steven Mala.

This is also a dream for many musicians, who have been looking to the PNG Censorship Board and the government to assist them with.

But Mala says the formation of an association has to be an independent one, free from government interference.

He says if an association is in place, it will be responsible in making sure artists work within set guidelines.

For now, he says the absence of an association, and the availability of technology at anyone’s grip, is posing a big challenge to both the regulatory body and the artists.

“If we can have an association that works with it, we can have better control over the industry. So they can protect their own interest without government interference,” he said.

In the meantime, the Censorship Board will continue to regulate music content, referring to the Censorship Act.

But radio stations and other media outlets also have a responsibility to make sure the content aired is clean for the masses.

Mala said a workshop in 2015 with all media outlets discussed the idea of putting together code of conducts for each industry codes.

He says censorship will be working closely with them to make sure they go along with this.

Gloria Bauai