Music the way forward for change

The music platform will be utilized more this year, by the Department for Community Development and Religion.

And Secretary Anna Solomon says the department will work closely with musicians for this.

The department and the Ministry for Youth Religion and Community Development will be big on public advocacy and awareness on social issues, to curb law and order statistics in the country.

All media platforms will be used towards this effort.

Solomon and Minister Soroi Eoe are recognising the power of music in this area.

“I know this group of young people will help us get the message out,” she said.

She said the government had not utilised this platform well enough in the past.

 “But we will be big on this, this year,” she added.

Solomon said the Media and Communication Strategy will also capture music.

This strategy forms a guide as to how personnel address key and sensitive issues in the media.

According to Solomon, musicians will also undergo sensitization workshops and build their capacity in this area.

“The government is ready to work with them (musicians). We have to utilize their talent/skills to help government promote awareness on issues affecting the country.”

Gloria Bauai