Montes speaks of upbringing

Frequently referred to as "Royal Princess of Drama" and "Daytime Drama Queen”, Julia Montes is surprisingly humble and down-to-earth in person.

“I am shy and an off-cam type of girl,” she described herself during an interview with TVWan’s Hennah Joku.

The Filipino actress arrived in Port Moresby early this morning.

Montes’ personality comes from very humble beginnings.

She was born as Mara Hautea Schnittka to a Filipino mother Gemma Hautea and German father, Martin Schnittka, but raised by her grandmother when her father left them while she was a baby.

“My family is not a rich family and so I was forced to work at an early age. I see show business as a blessing,” she tells Joku. 

Montes entered show business at age 7 and began her acting career with minor roles until her breakthrough with Mara Clara, where she plays the mean and spoilt Clara del Valle.

“This is my favourite show because it gave me my break,” she said.

Montes looks up to celebrities Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts for the acting inspiration.

But her journey itself is an inspiration to upcoming actors.

“You’re feeling the character and portraying it when you act,” she said.

The actress is very private about her personal life and hopes to keep it that way.

But for her fans, she revealed having four brothers: Two live in Manila while the other two in Germany.

“I wouldn’t want them to join the show business. This life is too colourful,” she added with a laugh.

Montes spends a day in Port Moresby and returns Manila on April 1.

Catch the rest of the interview on TVWan – A night with Julia – on Tuesday at 7pm.

(TVWan’s Hennah Joku on set with Julia Montes)

Gloria Bauai