Kate Moss has responded to fan mail... from 23 years ago

Kate Moss must have got a lot of fan mail in her career and it seems that she's finally got round to opening letters from more than two decades ago.

She posted a picture on Instagram of a letter from a fan called Fiona, sent in 1994.

In it, Fiona asks two important questions of Kate Moss: How did she get into "modling", and was she really dating Johnny Depp?

If so, she says, she would love Kate and Johnny's "altographs".

Unfortunately, Moss was too busy modelling and dating Johnny Depp (it was indeed true, the pair got together that year) to reply to Fiona's note.

But she's made amends now with an Instagram post showing the handwritten letter and saying that Fiona will be getting a signed Kate Moss book.

Fiona tells Moss that she always wanted to be a model, but opted to go into hair and beauty "because I love chips and junk food and I am short".

"In years to come," she adds, "who know[s] I might even be doing your hair and makeup fingers crossed."

It isn't known what Fiona did end up doing, or whether she did actually ever cross paths with the British supermodel.

Moss became a huge star as a 20-year-old in 1994, popularising the "heroin chic" look: extremely thin, pale models.

She was also a big figure in the "Cool Britannia" movement of the mid-nineties, alongside celebrities like Liam and Noel Gallagher and the Spice Girls.

She and Depp ended their reportedly tumultuous relationship after about three years.

Fiona ends her letter: "Don't forget to send me your altograph please write back to me soon."

Well, it wasn't that soon, but at least Fiona is finally getting her idol's autograph.