Johnny Depp perfume ad ‘offensive ‘

Dior is facing intense backlash after promoting its Sauvage perfume line with an advertisement featuring Johnny Depp and "offensive" Native American imagery.

The luxury French fashion brand posted a teaser of the new ad to Twitter on Friday (local time).

The since-deleted tweet promoted the Sauvage campaign as "an authentic journey deep into the Native American soul in a sacred, founding and secular territory". 

The extended video, filmed as part of the campaign for the US$120 (NZ$190) fragrance, shows Depp walking through Utah's red rocks, marking his path as a young woman follows him. The actress, Tanaya Beatty, is a Canadian of First Nations descent, the Guardian reports.

The video also captures Native American dancer Canku One Star, a Rosebud Sioux member, performing a war dance on a cliff.

Depp is also filmed strumming a famous guitar riff by Shawnee guitarist Link Wray.