International Short Film Festival 2018

Film is a powerful medium that can communicate, educate, elevate and inspire the viewers.

This year’s film festival celebrates people in a positive and inspiring way. It narrates stories of young people who face challenges and struggles of life with courage and faith is a wonderful way to communicate values and hope. 

Films from all over the world have been shortlisted to be screened during this international short film festival (ISFF18) entitled: Youth alive! Celebrating Life and Love.  Short films produced during the Media Education Seminars conducted will also be screened. 

The fifth film is from Papua New Guinea.  ‘My Little Story’ is a film shot and edited by Jeffrey Katusele as he accompanies Archbishop Francisco Panfilo, Archbishop of Rabaul, in his pastoral ministry. 

Inspired by Archbishop Francisco, aged 75 years, Katusele reminds us that, this is his story of faith as he encounters a person of God.  His video shots show this man of God crossing rivers, climbing hills and travelling in narrow canoes to visit and celebrate the Sacraments for his people. This inspiring short film is sure to bring tears to the eyes of the viewers.  

From nearby Solomon Islands comes the film: da’stragol.  A fine rap artist, Philip Palmer shares his struggle of life through a rap song that he himself has composed, directed and edited.

A majority of participants for the festival are going to be the young, school students, college students and film lovers. The spirit of the festival is to infuse in young people new hopes and dreams, optimism and positive energy to live as good citizens and honest citizens. This is the vision of St. John Bosco, the Father and Friend of youth.  This is the dream of educators and youth workers across Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

This festival opens on the 4th August, 2018 at Vision City, Port Moresby at 9am. 

It is organized by the CBC SOCOM together with the Education and Youth departments. 

Educational institutions, youth organisations and parishes can avail of this unique opportunity and organise the event for the benefit of their young in their own settings.   Bookings for the ISFF18 Kit can be facilitated from CBC SOCOM and Youth Secretary Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, for only K100.

ISFF18 is sure to ignite positive vibrations in the hearts of the young as well as all the viewers.

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