How Lenny Kravitz made art out of paparazzi mayhem

Four-time Grammy-winning musician and actor Lenny Kravitz is no stranger to the spotlight.

But these days you are just as likely to find him behind the camera. His passion for photography has led to an exhibition at Art Basel and a collaboration with camera company Leica.

His most recent series, "Flash," sees Kravitz turning his lens onto the fans and paparazzi who pursued him.

"It ended up being a really beautiful dance, and I started to see these people in a different way," he said.

All the images are shot in black and white.

"I find that black and white is far more realistic," he said. "I see better in black and white."

In fact, it was his mother's black-and-white image of Martin Luther King Jr. giving a speech in Washington that sparked the musician's love of photography as a child.

"I recognized that it was a moment and that something important was going on. And that's what I love about photography. I love that you are capturing this one tiny moment . . . and that moment doesn't die. It continues to evolve, it continues to speak to people, and it is just magical."