Festival promotes cultural practices

The Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival is the only cultural festival in the Southern Highland Province which thrives to attract tourism investment for the province and country.

The Festival Dinner held earlier this month raised K283, 700 towards supporting this year’s festival set for September.

The fundraiser event attracted commitment of organisations and government bodies such as the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), Southern Highland Provincial Government, Exxon Mobile PNG and Mineral Resource Development Corporation.

TPA CEO, Jerry Agus said PNG is the cultural mecca of the world. However, he said our cultural practices is under threat and events such as the Kutubu festival is a way to preserve and protect our unique and diverse heritage.

TPA will be bringing three international tour operators and a writer to this year’s event.

The festival is a community led initiative that promotes greater collaboration and participation for 40 local communities from the Southern Highlands, Hela and Gulf Provinces.

Conservation NGO and supporters of the event, WWF made a call to all partners and stakeholders to encourage local communities to promote eco-tourism and support conservation recognition of their cultural heritage.

It is of paramount importance for the SHP government to work closely with the national government of PNG to prioritise and recognise the Kikori basin as a World Heritage Site in PNG.

The festival celebrates the importance of Kutubu Kundu and Digaso oil and plays a vital role in safeguarding traditional practices and the diverse biodiversity of the Lake Kutubu Region.

“My Song, My Dance, My Story, saving my home for tomorrow” is the theme for this year’s event to
be held from 22 -23 September 2017 in Kutubu.

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