Digicel Stars coming soon!

Digicel Stars is coming soon and it promises to be bigger, better and more entertaining than the previous shows.

This time the show boasts a different format, and will be looking for talents in Buka next month.

Digicel PNG's Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, Lorna McPherson, says instead of the usual singing competition, this time, the show is open to every Papua New Guinean, over the age of 18, who has a unique talent or skill.

“It’s not just singing,” she said. “So it’s a talent competition. If you’re a comedian, if you’re a singer, if you’re a band, if you’re a dancer, if you’re a magician, if you’re a fire-eater, whatever you can do, come down and do it. Perform, let us see what your talent is. I think it’ll be fantastic fun, I can’t wait.

“So we go out to Buka on the 11th, and the show will be the week after.”

The judging panel will include funnyman Elton Kili, PNG’s artist Anslom Nakikus, AK47 and McPherson.

“He’s a great musician and a great composer so he’s going to add value to the show as well but then I hate to tell you but you get me. I’m the wise woman to bring it all together. It’s going to be really good fun.

“Everybody’s going to learn how to understand the Scottish accent so I have to talk slowly. But we’re looking forward to the show.”

The host of the show will be the young and vibrant Carol Kidu.

“She’s just fun, great personality as well. We’re all excited to rock ‘round Papua New Guinea and find all the talents so first stop – Buka. Then we’re going to Lae, Kimbe, we go to Goroka and then Port Moresby. Those are the five places.

“Practice, get yourselves ready because we are coming to town and we want to see everybody.”

Digicel Stars initially started in 2010, with the final season being aired in 2012.

(Digicel PNG Senior Vice President, Lorna McPherson)

Carmella Gware