Different approach to Yoga in PNG

In western countries, people are making money off of yoga.

But PNG has a different approach - which is to use yoga for its intended purpose to bring peace and unity.

The growing movement of community yoga especially in Port Moresby is seen as a free handout by yogis around the world.

But have acknowledged how well, this free yoga sessions has proven effective in transforming one yogi at a time.

The program is called Yoga Unite.

From prison courtyards to community halls, personal backyards to public fields, yoga has been making wonders.

Many have personal experiences to share. Their stories are of change, and the hope for a better community.

This year, the movement has seen a massive growth and notable change.

According to founder for Yoga Unite, Fazilah Bazari, more expats and locals are practicing yoga together, a sight not common a few years back.

Yoga has been combined with Walk for Life program introduced in Port Moresby, an initiative to encourage healthy lifestyle.

A positive story of unity, beginning in Port Moresby and moving to other provinces. 

Gloria Bauai