dAdiigii pays tribute to late wife

Songwriter and musician dAdiigii has once more proven that music comes straight from the heart, with his most recent song Missim Yu Tumas.

Released on July 12, the song is a tribute to his late wife and mother to his two children - Maggeret Gomara - who passed away in 2013, from a rare cancer in adults.

5 years on now, dAdiigii talks to Loop PNG about her passing and the recent song.

Her death was so sudden, he says it came as a shock.

“I couldn’t express the loss,” he retells.

dAdiigii basically went into hibernation following his wife’s death.

“I felt empty so I left work, I gave up on music and went back to Lae to be closer to my immediate family to cope with it. My dad also passed away in the same year,” he reveals.

After picking up on a few projects with CHM, dAdiigii slowly found his way back into the music scene.  

The song - Missim Yu Tumas - was then written in 2016. But not intentionally meant to be a song for Maggeret, initially.  

“I was in the studio with my producer and he was playing a tune on the piano. As I listened to him play, I started scribbling words on a piece of paper. When the tune was over, I realised that all the words were related to her passing. I knew this was me finally finding the words to express myself,” he said.

Been together for more than 6 years, even to this day, everything else still reminds him of her.

“She was my wife and best friend. We did everything together – from learning to be new parents and going on stage and photoshoots for my career. The song is something to remember her by, forever.”

The video of the song actually features a young dAdiigii and his late wife (from a clip meant for one of his previous songs – lalokau, but was never used). Their two children are also in the video.

dAdiigii is one musician said to have shaped the music industry of PNG. Here he is again, with an even new and fresher tune. But this song portrays the softer, more vulnerable dAdiiGii who fans don’t usually see.

It’s sung mostly in English with some Tok Pisin.

Ngokac Nane is the Kote language of Finschhafen (Morobe Province) meaning My Wife.

Rest in peace Maggeret Piwen Sirip Gomara.


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