City residents to welcome New Year with fireworks

The countdown to 2017 is on with hours to go and as an annual tradition, city residents and party goers will welcome the New Year with fireworks in Port Moresby.

The fireworks display is done annually at the Lamana Gold Club.

It is a popular site for many residents who come out of their homes before the clock strikes 12 every New Year’s Eve to get a better view of the colorful and spectacular highlight in the night sky.

Lamana Hotel assistant manager Jacquie Simons said they started preparations on Thursday for the fireworks which is expected to be a spectacular display.

Similar to last year, the fireworks are expected to go off from atop a 20-floor building and as usual, there will be a countdown 2016 sign change before the fireworks display to welcome 2017.

The fireworks display is designed to burn with flames and sparks of many colours, typically red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and silver.

The display will feature popular fireworks effects including peony, chrysanthemum, willow, horsetail, fish, spider, palm, kamuro and rings.

The theme party for this New Year’s Eve is ‘Food Festival’ featuring a culinary trip around the world at six buffets from six countries including Italian, Brazilian, Indian, Mexican and seafood.

Entertainment includes the 2016 Ice PNG Fashion Show grand final to choose the top designer and top model of the year, and international DJ Heavensent to count down into the New Year.

Picture courtesy of Lamana Gold Club

Quintina Naime