CHM on a mission to promote positive music

Papua New Guinea artists should be more positive about what they’re writing and putting on the airwaves.

This challenge comes in time with the trend now where more music are having degrading content about women.

PNG’s oldest music label, CHM Supersound hopes to change this.

The label aims to promote more positive content with artists who sign with them.

“We want positive messages, songs to be respectful to women and not degrading and discriminative; songs to talk about love and life and how young people experience it, in a positive way,” CHM Manager, Artist & Repertoire, Renata Mari said.

This, she says, depends on how a particular person portrays themselves.

“What you sing and say comes from the heart and portrays you as the artist. You cannot say someone wrote this and gave me. If you’re the one singing it, you’re the one creating awareness about it.

“So it depends with the artist on how they see it - if they believe in making a change, not only by bringing across positive messages and their experiences to the music scene but also try to set that bench mark so that other young talents coming up can also follow in their footstep.

“Music is one thing, content of the song is another thing and the change starts with the young people, not the older generation,” she said.

She also said that the challenge also lies with the people.

“If people are liking these songs and continue to give support to these songs, artists will continue to write the way they are writing.”

Gloria Bauai