Capturing history through theatre

What does it mean to you when you say I’m from Papua New Guinea?

16 year old Andrew Kuliniasi asks this question with the concern that in this era, many cannot trace back their historical roots.

“I feel that it is important as a young Papua New Guinean to understand my culture, or history. So many now don’t have a sense of where they come from, but of where they are now.

“If we lose our cultural identity, there won’t be anything special to say I’m Papua New Guinean,” he says.

Breaking this trend, Kuliniasi is capturing the story of his clan – Meisoga from the Milne Bay province, in the newest play for Moresby Arts Theatre.

It’s a story lost in time, which he aims to revive through the play he has written and will be directing.

He believes more of our culture can be preserved through such mediums.

“There are so many stories back then that are interesting and mind-blowing, you can put so much material to write or talk about.

“And if we don’t preserve it, it will go to waste; I don’t want that; that’s like burying my culture and leaving it to die.”

“Meisoga” is set to premiere on March 16, 2017 at the Moresby Arts Theatre.

(Picture: Other World Mystery)

Gloria Bauai