Bundi Komba Festival launched

The Bundi Komba Festival was recently launched at Yandera, Bundi – a remote village in Madang Province.

Over 4,000 people attended from all over Bundi and Simbu where 19 diverse cultural groups were featured.

Komba (pandanus conoideus) is a rare food culture of Bundi. This food culture will now be an officially registered and recognised festival in PNG.

The festival is an initiative of the Kumura Foundation under their ‘Sustainable Development focus’.

The CEO of National Cultural Commission, Steven Enomb Kilanda, donated K10,000 to Kumura Foundation to support the event.

The foundation has extended its appreciation to the five major tribes of Bundi (Yandakari, Gegru, Karizogo, Emigari and Mendi), drivers and cultural groups of Gembogl, Simbu, the foundation ground committees and executives from all over Bundi and Simbu.

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