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​We’re back with your weekend updates of the most interesting programs to watch on Digicel Play.

This weekend we have a variety of specials that will premiere on TVWAN Action. These specials include the Justin Olam story and a review of the PNG Hunters games in 2016. Gear up for the rugby season by watching these specials on TVWAN Action. We also feature some of the drama series on TVWAN Life that we know you can’t get enough of. So sit back, relax and let us entertain you!

Enjoy your viewing!

Thursday 16 Feb


With Samoa Joe being the new comer to RAW and with him having beaten Roman Reigns, will he do the same to every other wrestler he takes on? Also keep in mind that in all of Samoa Joe’s fights there was always someone interfering to make him win every match. This time, who will Samoa Joe take on and who will be there to help him win? In his first RAW fight Triple H came to his aid and just last week it was Braun Strowman, this time who will it be? Watch RAW at 5:15pm on TVWAN Action.

Friday 17 Feb

TVWAN Action - Justin Olam - The Story So Far

This is a three part story on Justin Olam’s transition from a PNG Hunter to playing in the best rugby league competition, the NRL, with one of the best teams, the Melbourne Storm. This story is also about his life, background and about his career. Justin Olam becomes the second Papua New Guinean to play with the Storms since Marcus Bai in 1998. Don’t miss the special, Justin Olam - The Story So Far, tonight at 6pm on TVWAN Action.

Saturday 18th Feb

Missed out on watching your favourite drama series during the week? Watch TVWAN Life this Saturday starting at 10:10am and watch catch up episodes of The Promise, Dolce Amore and House Husbands. Then stand by at 7pm to watch blind auditions of The Voice season 5.

Sunday 19 Feb

TVWAN Action – PNG Hunters, 2016 season review

This Sunday don’t miss the TVWAN Action special, PNG Hunters 2016 Season Review,  at 1pm this Sunday on TVWAN Action.

 Monday 20 Feb

TVWAN Life - The promise

This Monday’s episode of The Promise, Angelo looks for an opportunity to ask Yna out, only to find himself in what seems to be the beginning of an intense love triangle with David, who has come up with a way to become closer to Yna.

Meanwhile in his office, Eduardo receives an ominous package from a mysterious sender that causes him to fear for his family’s safety; when Claudia goes missing, things are thrown into disarray. Don’t miss The Promise at 5:50pm weekdays.