‘Beauty and the Beast’ approved for PNG screening

Disney’s live-action film Beauty and the Beast has been approved for release at Paradise Cinemas by the Censors Board of PNG with a rating of G (General Patronage).

It will be shown in its entirety, without cuts, unlike in other countries. 

The movie has been reviewed and rated by Richard Tabel, an officer of the Censors Board of PNG, last Tuesday.  

Tabel mentioned that Beauty and the Beast has huge followers in PNG and that the supposed gay scenes are either very subtle or none at all in the live action rendition of Beauty and The Beast

“In reference to that controversy, there are implicit scenes of LeFou in the movie. Unless a sexual act is clearly depicted in the movie about it, that’s a big no-no. As far as our guidelines are concerned, the said film is approved for general patronage,” Tabel added. 

Paradise Cinema Head Prue Go said: “In retrospect, nothing is inherently wrong with Josh Gad’s performance.

“The character is similar to his other well-known characters such as Olaf in Frozen. His performance of Beauty and the Beast’s classic songs are, at times, delightful. In many ways, his is a charming tribute to the animated version of the character and would have been satisfactory as such.” 

Beauty and the Beast courted controversy when director Bill Condon said the character of LeFou, played by Josh Gad, would have a “nice exclusively gay moment” in the film.

Lefou is the forthcoming sidekick of Gaston in the cartoon film and in the current live action movie. LeFou, as Gaston’s sidekick, is a small role. But the response has been overwhelming, with some people vowing to boycott Disney and many more lauding them for the decision.

The movie opened to a record-breaking US$170mil in the United States during the weekend.

Beauty and The Beast movie will start screening at Paradise Cinemas Vision City and Waigani Central today (March 23). 

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