​New band aims to transform WNB

​A new band formed in West New Britain is aiming to get all youths involved in fighting law and order issues in the province.

The band, Jabalt Shaikmah, is newly established and formed by musicians from West New Britain.

It boasts a mixture of experienced and upcoming musicians; creating a hub for all to learn from each other.

They share a bond that is thicker than blood itself, a team made of long term, closely knitted friends and family that goes way back.

The band consists of Taz, Mc Jays, Duku, Archie, Gideon Litom, Enoch, PeeJay, George Mageto, Isaac Marum (Jnr) and Micael Pengi.

Jabalt Shaikmah’s debut appearance was at Mosa Primary School last weekend.

The first gig was to raise funds for a new classroom and teacher’s house planned for next year with a follow up gig set for next Wednesday, Sept 13.

Speaking during the fundraiser, Jabalt’s main vocalist and spokesperson, Taz, said it was a privilege for the band to start off with this community orientated project in giving back to the Province and utilising their love of music to contribute towards human development through education.

“We are here to inspire and create a conducive environment for a better West New Britain.”

He said instead of criticising authorities, we should all find little ways in which we can give back to the province.

Mosa Primary School head teacher, Steven Lipu, expressed his gratitude for the impressive show, saying he was proud of the fact that the band is made up of local talents.

The next gig for Jabalt after Mosa Primary School will be at Hoskins Primary School on Thursday, Sept 14.

This event aims to raise funds to ship a container from Brisbane, donated by the Rotary Club of Australia, containing school materials ranging from library books, chairs, tables and desks, among others.

Following that will be their public appearance during the 42nd Independence celebration in Kimbe.

For bookings and further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact the band on rbmarum@gmail.com or brownmarum@gmail.com, or simply check out their Facebook page: Jabalt Shaikmah.

Freddy Mou