Yopyyopy to lead Melanesian Alliance

Member for Wosera-Gawi, Joseph Yopyyopy will lead one of PNG’s oldest party’s into the 2017 National Elections.

The Melanesian Alliance Party (MAP) General Secretary Nick Klapat, revealed to media today at the National Research Institute’s (NRI) discussion forum for political parties and their policies.

 Yopyyopy originally entered Parliament in 2012 under the Social Democratic Party led by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop.

 He then join the United Resources Party (URP) led by Member for Hagen, William Duma.

 Klapat said Yopyyopy had recently joined them and will led a yet to be confirmed number of candidates into the elections.

 He says corporate governance, management, and human resource development and leadership remain the pillars of the party policies.

 MAP is one of the oldest political party in PNG founded by John Momis and John Kaputin in the 1970’s.

After a brief dissolution before the 1997 National Election, MAP relaucnhed in 2002 returning Sir Moi Avei (Kairuku-Hiri), Anderson Vele (Rigo), and Dame Carol Kidu (Moresby South).

 MAP did not win any seats in the 2012 election.



Cedric Patjole