Woman candidate with vision for Gulf

Woman candidate running for Gulf Regional under the People's Party, Maso Raka says she’s been motivated to run for this seat based on her experience and after seeing that the people of Gulf province have suffered for far too long.

"From my experience with the people of my village, Lese Oala,it has driven me to be more passionate about people."

"Gulf province has deteriorated to the point where it needs intervention."

Maso said having people with vision and a mission as well as an actual plan to move the province forward using a set coordinated approach and workable budget aligning to the people’s needs is very much needed.

She said the women, children and the elderly are the most vulnerable group of people that we should look out for.

Part of her work over the last ten years, with non-government organizations has allowed her to have access to vital basic medical and educational supplies for the people of Lese Oala village.

"Part of the supplies is donated to the Malalaua hospital and other nearby aid posts in the province."

Maso also stressed on the use of social media as an educational tool.

"Use to explore and expand on the opportunities to help yourselves and network to target groups that help other groups where help can be used and needed," she said.

She added that social media is a powerful tool and should not be seen as a tool only for the elites and those living in urban areas.

"In actual fact, social media is worldwide and infiltrates to where I'm standing and beyond."

"Social media is educational if you put it to good use," she added.


Annette Kora