WNB Polling Day 4

Day four of polling in West New Britain Province began with voters lining up at the Bialla LLG Office to cast votes in the new Nakanai Open electorate.

Returning Officer Roland Popunurea said polling has been progressing well with the most common complaints being that of unregistered voters in the electoral roll.

Polling in Central Nakanai LLG went smoothly despite those that disapproved of not having the opportunity to vote.

In an interview on Thursday, Assistant Returning Officer, Apolosa Kwabu confirmed that Nakanai LLG had two teams who completed polling in a day.

He said most of the teams had completed their polling on Tuesday and about two or three that completed on Wednesday, 6th July. The last two completed polling yesterday.

“Otherwise, generally polling went very smoothly except that a lot of people were complaining about their names not being in the ward rolls.”

Mr Kwabu admitted that from the onset, logistics was challenging, especially fuel for transportation to dispatch polling teams and supplies as well. Popunurea managed to get them organised.

As per direction from the RO, Mr Kwaba stated that all ballot boxes were to be brought into Puluma Police station this Sunday. Primary counts will take place at Hoskins.

Meantime, the PNGDF security detail sanctioned to specific areas, continue to deliver peace by containing disputes or grievances caused by disgruntled voters.

“On behalf lo Central Nakanai LLG, mi laik firstly tok thank you lo ol security personnels blo yumi lo ol I halivim lo make sure olsem displa election igo smoothly inside lo Central Nakanai LLG.

Secondly, mi laik tok thank you bikpla tru igo lo ol pipol blo Central Nakanai lo make sure olsem mipla wok freely and fairly lo conductim displa election (I want to thank the people of Central Nakanai in making sure that we work freely and fairly to conduct the election.

Na result blo em mipla lukim olsem eventhoug plani names ino stap, ol I bear wantim mipla na ol I behave well. Na on behalf lo LLG mi tok thank you lo ol. (Even though many voters did not have their names on the electoral roll, they behaved well. On behalf of the LLG I thank you all).

Meanwhile, inmates and CS officers at Lakiemata prison cast their votes yesterday.

Carol Kidu