WNB nominations continue well

The nominations at the Bernard Vogae Memorial park in Kimbe, West New Britain saw supporters escort in their candidates on Saturday, Sunday and Monday 23rd, totaling 58 nominees which included two female candidates.

Chairman of the WNB Provincial Election Steering Committee Robert Dau said that people should be civilized now to understand the laws for election. Mr Dau appealed to supporters and candidates to refrain from causing any issues that might disrupt the nomination period.

Returning Officer Emily Kelton announced the following nominated candidates for West New Britain: Kandrian Gloucester 15, Nakanai 11, Talasea 22, and WNB Provincial with 10 candidates.

ULP candidates nominated on Monday: Blaise Dau for Talasea Open Phil Hans Wai for Nakanai Open, and Beven Saile for Kandrian Gloucester.

After four days of nominations, 56 men and two women have signed to contest.


Carol Kidu