Why the detained NCD officials were released

​In the best interest of the National Capital District, police had to release Terence Hetinu and Roslyn Tabogani.

The then NCD election manager, Hetinu, and his assistant, Tabogani, were taken in for questioning on Tuesday (June 24) after police personnel noted their suspicious behaviour.

Hetinu was questioned after a large amount of money, valued at K184,300, was found in his possession. Tabogani, on the other hand, was allegedly transporting ballot boxes without police escort, and in a tinted vehicle.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says they were brought in, questioned then released to effectively hand over their responsibilities to new officers that would take their place.

“These people were in charge of elections in the city. Keeping them detained would only make matters worse for the city, and the country as a whole.”

He further pointed out that on Hetinu’s part, the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, cleared the air on the huge amount of cash.

“The only way to prove that the money was withdrawn from the Electoral Commission’s account is to get a bank statement. And for that, a warrant is needed, which will take time to obtain.

“Right now we have to focus on elections. After that, we will investigate the matter.”

Turi says the officials are public figures therefore it would not be difficult to locate them.

Meanwhile, Alvin Jimmy is NCD’s new election manager while Bale Kavanamur, his assistant.

Carmella Gware