WHP, Enga and Jiwaka polling to begin

Polling in Western Highlands begins tomorrow after delays due to issues raised regarding the electoral roll.

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, says polling will go ahead after the Provincial Election Manager advised  those who raised issues that the 2017 final roll was not too different to the former.

Jiwaka Province also goes to the polls on Tuesday.

Initiall y some polling venues wanted to be changed, however, Gamato said according the organic law where a polling place is gazzetted it cannot be changed or abolishmed before the issue of writs or before the writs are returned.

He added that insertions have been done into Jimi Electorate today and they are ready to poll.

Enga Province begins polling on Wednesday July 5th as scheduled.

Gamato says two petitions by candidates were presented for the replacement of Returning Officers of Wapenamanda and Mendi.

“I have decided not to change Returning Officers and assistant returning officers because we are already into election,” said Gamato.

“The second petition was in relation to roll. According to Election Manager, they have compared the preliminary roll and the final roll and there is not much difference so they will continue polling using the 2017final role.”


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Cedric Patjole