Wewak Camp Remains Steadfast: PM

Pangu Party Leader James Marape has reaffirmed the party stance of remaining in camp at Wewak and pushing ahead with a coalition to form the next government.

Marape said the camp is solid and he expects to see the numbers of MPs attending to increase in the coming days.

Marape said PANGU currently has nine candidates declared with 26 others leading in several provincial and open electorates. “We are not leaving Wewak as yet and no one has chased us out of Wewak. Wewak has been hospitable and has been a great part of PNG and we are here to form Government. Wewak, for the first time, since 1975 will be hosting such camps.”

“For PANGU and our coalition of partners, we are in the business of fetching numbers as declarations are continuing and numbers will be increasing in the coming days to put together the structure of Government.”

The Prime Minister has also appealed to the people across the country to allow for the counting process to come to a conclusion. “Candidates’ rights of appeal is still reserved in our constitution through the election petition. If you feel that your right have been tampered with, election petition is there for any aggrieved candidates to seek every course.
“There will be no failed elections as the process will be completed and Parliament will convene thereafter.” 

Freddy Mou