Undialu: Potape should just accept defeat

​The Governor elect for Hela, Philip Undialu is calling on runner up Francis Potape to accept the defeat and move on.

He said the people of Hela have spoken through the ballot papers and this must be respect.

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG Governor Undialu stressed that Potape was coming up with all sorts of excuses to bring him down.

He said allegations raised by Potape against his win were all lies and made up adding that the right channel for him to follow is to go to court.

The member elect adds that the people of Hela are tired of such leaders and want to move Hela forward.

Undialu further reiterated that his win was through transparent procedures with nothing sinister about his victory.

However, Potape alleges that Undialu and the Provincial Returning officer for Hela John Tipa had hijacked his victory through foul play.

Freddy Mou