Turi fires warning to candidates’ supporters

Any complaints regarding campaigns that are conducted early in the mornings or late into the night should be reported to the nearest police station as soon as possible.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, stressed that the general public must make their complaints at the nearest station that there are supporters campaigning at the wrong time of the day or night so police can assist.

“Flag a police vehicle to help out where necessary to talk to the supporters about the noise disturbances,” said Turi.

“Police will assist in any way possible to bring their loud noise down to normal volume.”

He said directives have been given for police officers to ground any supporter’s vehicle if they refuse to cooperate with police.

Turi adds that this is the peak of the election period and supporters will tend to do a lot of silly things to gain attention.

He reiterated that if supporters are caught campaigning late into the night, their vehicles will be grounded and equipment confiscated for causing disturbances to the general public.

Turi said come the eve of the last day of polling, police officers will be out on the road in full force to make sure no one causes inconvenience to the rest of the general public.

This is will continue through to the declaration of the seats.

Annette Kora