Timely Donation For Security Forces

The Australian Government’s donation of 3000 vests, helmets and body armour arrives in time for the National General Election and would help security forces deliver a free, fair and safe election.

Police Commissioner, David Manning said the vests and helmets would ensure the security forces are able to maintain their operations effectively throughout the election period.

He said the appropriate vests or protection gears added an increased level of confidence to the members of the security forces.

Commissioner Manning made this remarks during the signing of the gifting agreement between the Australian Government and the Royal PNG Constabulary yesterday in Port Moresby.

“I always say the security personnel’s role is to ensure that they conduct elections in a safe, free and fair manner. I have reminded our citizens that elections are about expressing the individuals’ rights to vote but there is an expectation of what we (security forces) do to conduct peaceful elections,” he said.

Commissioner Manning said the vests and helmets will be issued to the security personnel as soon as they arrive in the country.

The Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Jon Philps said Australia knows how important it is for the conduct of elections in PNG, and the vests and helmets would help the security forces deliver a peaceful election.

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