Sumkar Member declared!

Sumkar is the first district in Madang to declare a member.

PANGU candidate Chris Nangoi is the member-elect for Sumkar Open.

Nangoi was declared by returning officer for Sumkar Albert Gului at 11:45am today.

He unseated People's Progress Party candidate Ken Fairweather in a tight race.

The member-elect won with 8,763 votes, after elimination of the outgoing MP Fairweather, who distributed his 6,554 votes to the member-elect and runner up Sir Arnold Amet.

Sir Amet bowed out with 7,940 votes.

Sumkar RO said the member-elect had votes exceeding the absolute majority of 8,352... thus the declaration.

He said it was a very close race with most of the candidates having high scores and good numbers.

There were 46 candidates, with a total of 20,633 exhausted ballot papers.

Imelda Wavik