Sir Michael made chief in New Ireland

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has been made a Maekun Chief in New Ireland during his farewell celebration on Tuesday.

Mekun Chief is the highest chieftaincy given to leaders who have matured leadership quality.

It is one of the ranks that distinguish the wise from the unwise.

Sir Michael had proven to be that Chief and accepted the chieftaincy.

He also undergo traditional rituals of all the main three cultural backbone of New Ireland.

And those were, the Tumbuan ritual, Malagan and Kabai rituals.

Sir Michael was also made a paramount chief of a clan from Sir Julius Chan’s as they were the only leaders to have that quality.

Sir Julius along with Sir Michael were at the forefront during the precolonial era fighting for our independence which they succeeded.

They were the only remaining leaders that fought  for our independence from Australia.

Sir Michael will now retire while Sir Julius will continue his leadership.

Freddy Mou