Sir Mekere ousts Malabag

Member-elect for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, has been declared.

His declaration was done by Bale Kavanamur, the newly-appointed returning officer for Moresby North-West, at around midday today. Kavanamur was appointed RO this morning.

Sir Mekere ousted sitting member, Michael Malabag, who was excluded at the 33rd elimination last night.

He thanked the electoral officials for the job well done but expressed anger and frustration at the same time for the counting process.

He said a lot of voters were denied their right to vote and choose their leader of choice, the fundamentals of democracy.

Sir Mekere said counting should have been done quicker.

Fellow candidate Philip Waraniki was the first of those eliminated to congratulate Sir Mekere on his win.

In return, Sir Mekere also thanked Waraniki and the other 36 candidates who contested against him.

“They are all leaders like me. Like in most games, there will only be one winner. It was a fair campaign and I pay respect to them,” he added.

For now, Sir Mekere and other independent candidates will survey the political landscape and make their move at the appropriate time to the camps. 

Sally Pokiton