Sinai Address Security Issues

The Electoral Commission says security and safety of the electoral process has been maintained during polling.

He said the PNGEC is working closely with the Joint Security Task Force to coordinate and share information to ensure a safe voting environment for all.

“I thank the Royal PNG Constabulary, PNG Defence and Correctional Services for their important contributions to the security of the election and the people of PNG,” said Sinai.

He has also warned the public that those who commit electoral offences will be dealt with accordingly.

“Impunity for electoral crimes will not be tolerated. Those who commit offences should be met with the full force of the law.

“The PNGEC stands ready to do its part and work with police and other law enforcement authorities to provide information that contributes to prosecution and sanctioning of those who commit electoral offences and breach electoral laws.

“I remind all political parties, candidates and their supporters to abide and respect the electoral laws and regulations and contribute to a safe polling and counting in the coming days,” he added.

Jemimah Sukbat